Capital Market University Challenge

University Challenge 2022

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) has launched the 9th edition of Capital Market University Challenge. The Challenge is an annual competition aimed at exposing students in Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) to the capital market industry while instilling in them the culture of saving and investment.

The launch of the contest, which was attended by hundreds of students, took place at Kigali Independent University (ULK) on Thursday March 17, 2022. The annual contest seeks to promote the creation of savings clubs/groups among students by providing them with capacity building on how best, through their clubs, to save and invest through the local capital market.

Registration  open

The students from all Universities and Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) should start registering to participate in the competition. We urge Rwandan youth to learn more about the capital market, its benefits and opportunities. It is part of stimulating job creation.

We have students who participated in previous competitions and managed to set up a microfinance institution. They start saving from Rwf100. Others have created agribusiness and livestock projects thanks to saving and investing in the capital market after being inspired by the competitions,” he said. We have seen some students who were studying agriculture, medicine and other disciplines who won prizes. Any student can compete irrespective of faculties they are pursuing at university.

How  to  participate 

The competition framework will involve a set of quizzes and a topic for essay writing aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge among students about the capital market industry and its importance for Rwanda’s socio-economic development. All interested students are allowed to register to participate in the Capital Market University Challenge 2022. 
The registration shall be done through: 

Previous winners are not allowed to participate in the current edition. Individuals will compete either in Quiz and Essay categories after creating an account. After creating accounts, they will wait for the Quiz or Essay to be uploaded in the system and be communicated on when to undertake it once ready.

The challenge will comprise of three stages in quiz category at provincial level whereby winners from each stage shall go to the next round. Three winners from the 3rd round at provincial level shall immediately go to the national level.

Round 1 for the competition for the Quiz category is expected on April 19, Round 2 on April 22 and Round 3 on April 29. Top winners in the quiz category at the provincial level will sit for a special round on national level on May 13 while physical awarding of winners is expected on May 27.

For those to compete under the essay category, they will submit the final essays in the system through The title of the theme is “How does the capital market finance the socio-economic development of Rwanda”.

The essay writing should be original and innovative, have not more than 800 words while copying and pasting information from websites will amount to plagiarism, punishable with discontinuation from the challenge.

Expected prizes
Awards will be given to the winners of both the quiz and essay categories in a form of securities i.e shares and bonds listed at the Rwanda Stock Exchange as a way to initiate students on the culture of saving and investing through the capital market.